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Golden Raisins

Similar to natural seedless raisins, these are also obtained from Thompson or golden Seedless grapes but are oven-dried to avoid the darkening impact of sunlight. Some “golden raisins” sold labeled as such have been treated with sulfur dioxide gas to avoid darkening throughout the drying process. They are fruity and tangy, with less caramel or toffee flavor traits than black raisins.


Sultana Raisins

Originally named after a Turkish green grape, from which degenerates the cultivar now most commonly used to provide raisins around the world, Thompson Seedless. Nowadays, “sultana” refers to Australia and the United Kingdom to dark brown or reddish-amber raisins produced from Thompson Seedless grapes. The same product is simply labeled “raisins” in the United States. Equal in size or somewhat more significant than black raisins and usually a bit tangier.


Green Raisins

These wonderful green raisins are slim, from 2 to 3 cm long. They are originated and produced across the Middle East and Central Asia. Slightly dense and chewy, with a light tartness reminiscent of green grapes. They are usually dried in well aired but dark indoor conditions, which protect their pale jade hue, nowadays sometimes improved by sulfur dioxide. Jumbo versions can sometimes be found in stores.


Black raisins

The most common type of raisins which can be made from grapes of any skin color, their final brown to black hue obtained as they dry. The higher the heat and the more direct the sunlight, the darker the raisin and the more caramelized its flavor.


Normally, all raisins will be packed in vacuumed 10 KG boxes. For more info, you may refer to the packing page or let us know how you wish to have it packed.