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About Saffron

Saffron is a highly antioxidant spice that is associated with health benefits such as improving mood, libido, sexual function, and also reducing PMS symptoms and losing weight.

Best of all, this wonderful spice is safe for most people and easy to add to their diet. Try to incorporate this luxurious spice into your diet and take advantage of its potential benefits.



Sargol is obtained by separating red stigmas (red part) from the stamen (white part), during the separation process some stigmas may be broken, some white threads may also remain with the stigma, the difference between grade A and regular Sargol is the whiteness rate and quality of the stigmas. This type is more regularly used compare to other types of saffron.

Coloring power: 210 to 260 units.



In Negin the red and tick three-branched stigma without the Stamen part (white part) isolated from existing threads and bulky saffron provided. The most expensive and the richest type of saffron is Negin.

This type is also known as Super Negin.

Coloring power: 230 to 270 units.



In Poushal you can see the red stigma of the saffron strand along with 1 to 3 mm of the stamen. As the stigma attached to the stamen and the possibility of being counterfeit is lower, Poushal has gained more confidence from buyers.

Coloring power: 170 to 210 units


Normally, all beans will be packed in vacuumed 5 or 10 KG boxes. For more info, you may refer to the packing page or let us know how you wish to have it packed.